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Welcome to my site. Although it was originally designed to accompany my academic career, it is now more or less a travel blog. Please bounce around the site as I start the conversion to travelogue. My contact information is the same and my books are still for sale. 

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Finish Your Dissertation Before You Die!

The new Edition of "Smart Doctor" has more examples, and a new title! The book covers everything that is in "Write your Dissertation Proposal in 30 Days" but goes beyond, all the way through the Defense and publication. It also provides insight on what to do with your dissertation to further your career. Now available on Kindle and in paperback by 1/25/16.

Write Your Dissertation Proposal in 30 Days! 

This new e-book is a stripped down version of the Smart Doctor book. It is formatted and designed for you to put together your draft of your dissertation proposal in 30 days. Now available on Kindle.



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